FIWE 2022 summary
Nuclear excitement at this year's FIWE Fitness Trade Show (September 10-11) was provided by the Nuclear Nutrition brand. Our extreme team was waiting for you at the stand. Visitors, under the guidance of professionals, could challenge themselves with barbells and dumbbells in organized competitions. We also handed out samples of our explosive supplements. Thanks for your nuclear energy and see you at future editions!
Nuclear Nutrition at the FIWE Fitness Trade Show 2022!
On 10-11 September we will see you at the FIWE Fitness Trade Show 2022 at the PTAK Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. This year's event is inspired by the idea of making sport and fittness available to everyone. Although it often seems, especially in bodybuilding and strength sports, that male athletes represent the majority, we confirm that women also have something to show in these disciplines.
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